Monday, July 11, 2011

My Performance at Miss New York 2011

Hello again!

Wow, time has flown by! It has been almost a month since my last post! Well let me update you...
Pageant week was a amazing experience. The people of Staten Island were so hospitable and we truly felt like we were home! I had so much fun visiting the historic places in Staten Island, it is truly is a beautiful place! The Miss New York 2011 competition was also a amazing experience and a milestone in my life. I literally put my all up there during preliminary night! I made it to top 10 during finals night and I never felt better. The title of Miss New York 2011 went to Kaitlin Monte a beautiful, and talented young woman and guess what? She's from Rochester New York! It is so wonderful to have a Miss New York from our area.  I have worked so hard these past few months and all that practice has paid off. My year is just beginning and I cant wait to share what I will be doing in the next few months! Stay tuned :)