Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Are What You Eat!

So I was watching "The View" this morning and I saw Wayne Brady perform this song and I said to myself we need more songs like this for children! It's so catchy! You Are What You Eat Music Video

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Miss New York 2011 People's Choice

Hey there! The Miss New York 2011 Pageant is a month away! I can't believe how much time is flying! My mission as Miss Greater Rochester is to truly make a difference in my community. I am proud to say I strive to live my platform of inspiring young boys and girls to reach their greatest potential both with and without the crown. Having the chance to do what I feel I am meant to do, mentor young kids! Thank you so much for for your support~ I would love to encourage you to vote for me as Miss New York 2011 People's Choice ! All donations go directly to the Miss New York State Organization and the Empire State Education Scholarship Fund. Each vote is a dollar, how cheap is that :) Vote now!! Also take a look at all of the contestants competing for the job of Miss New York in June!Miss New York 2011 Spring Workshop

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miss Greater Rochester 2011 Appearances

Boy time is flying fast! I have had so much fun thus far as Miss Greater Rochester and am thrilled with the opportunities and experiences I've had. In case you missed it, here are some of the past appearances I've made:

March 24- Interview by the Challenger News Paper and WUFO am
April 4- Miss Greater Rochester Fundraiser -Great Northern Pizza
April 11- Miss New York Workshop
May 6 Ad Page Campaign
May 7 Western New York Conference Division of Young People- Presenting my B.O.O.S.T Program
May 12 Boys and Girls Club-Presenting my B.O.O.S.T Program
May 14 Lilac Festival Parade
May 14 CMN Fundraiser at Walmart
May 14 CMN Bachelor Auction
May 15 CMN Fundraiser at Walmart

And here is some of the fun yet to come:

May 17 Boys and Girls Club
May 19 Quest Elementary School-Reading my children's book to the kindergarten class
May 19 Boys and Girls Club
May 22 Running in the Lilac Festival 5K
May 24 Boys and Girls Club
May 26 Boys and Girls Club
May 27 St. Louis School Rochester-Presenting my B.O.O.S.T program to the 5th grade classes
May 31 Boys and Girls Club
June 4 Day of Dance/ Children's Miracle Network Penny Drive

July- Willie Hutch Jones Sports Clinic
August- Tentatively "Let's Move" First Lady Michelle Obama visit's to Zion Dominion Global Ministries Church

September- "Little Miss" Mall Pageant

I would love for you all to join me at these upcoming appearances! Please let me know if you have any other ideas or upcoming events I could attend. My mission as Miss Greater Rochester is to truly make a difference in my community. I am proud to say I strive to live my platform of inspiring young boys and girls to reach their greatest potential both with and without the crown. Having the chance to do what I feel I am meant to do, mentor young kids, as Miss Greater Rochester...well that is just a huge added bonus! 

Thank you so much for following me on this amazing journey. I hope you will join me in all that is yet to come!

Children's Miracle Network Walmart Fundraiser

May is for Miracles.I devoted this weekend to the Children's Miracle Network. I used Walmart to set up my fundraisers by requesting sidewalk space to raise money to provide comfort, treatment and hope for the millions of sick children across the nation. I had the help of two beautiful "Tiny" title holders, Lauren and Marin, who both needed the help of the Children's Miracle Network and were infants of NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

 I would love for you to support the Children's Miracle Network as well. You can donate through my page here.Chelsea's Children's Miracle Network Donation Page Every penny counts! 

Children's Miracle Network Bachelor Auction- Corning, New York

Saturday night I attended my first Bachelor Auction. All proceeds collected are donated directly to the Children's Miracle Network. I helped escort the lovely Bachelors for the night along with Charlotte Booth, Miss Finger Lakes 2011, Amy Valenti, Miss Finger Lakes 2010, and Stacey Minchin, Miss New York International 2011. Boy, were the Bachelor's determined to raise money! They did everything they could to impress the ladies for a high bid! The Auction raised a little over $3,000 for the Children's Miracle Network! 

One of the Bachelor's were so intrigued by the crown he wanted to see how it felt to have it on his head! Is this our next MR. New York?!

Lilac Festival

Hey there! I had the chance to be in the Lilac Parade for the Lilac Festival in Highland Park. Rochester is known as the Flower City and it is easy to see why this time of year. The Lilacs are in full bloom! I had the best time waving to the parade goers and being apart of one of Rochester's greatest sources of pride, the Lilac Festival If you weren't able to make it here are some pictures from the parade below. 

Oh and don't worry. You have ten whole days to make it to this year's festival! I'll be back on the closing day running in the festival's 5K on Sunday March 22nd. 

Boys and Girls Club of America- S.M.A.R.T. Girls

I am so excited to lead the SMARTgirls program at my local Boys and Girls Club of America. SMARTgirls is a health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program for girls ages 8 to 17. The program is designed to encourage healthy attitudes and lifestyles that will enable early adolescent girls to develop to their full potential. I am thrilled to bring my BOOST Program to these young girls! This week we focused on physical activity and how to incorporate it into their everyday routine. After our 15 minute brainstorming session we focused on movement. Just like the other workshops I've done thus far, the fitness dance routine is full of cardio pumping exercise mixed with everyday active movement to make physical activity fun. These movements range from infusing steps from the latin crazed Zumba to jumping rope and traditional dance steps. Stay tuned to see what I have in store for next week's session! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Western New York Conference Division of Young People- B.O.O.S.T Program

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of promoting my platform” Let’s Move to End Childhood Obesity” by presenting my BOOST Program at the Western New York Conference of Young People. Here I spoke to the youth about the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes good eating habits and exercise. My class of 10 soon expanded to about 30 children in one classroom! These kids were so eager to move that I had to intensify the fitness routine. By the end of the 45 minute period the kids had worked up such a sweat they were literally trying to take off their uniforms. They loved to “jump rope” and count to 10 while executing their exercises. This group was like no other! They were full of energy just the way the youth of our nation should be!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miss Greater Rochester Fundraiser

I realized I never posted about the amazing time I had raising money for the Miss Greater Rochester Organization with Amy Valenti a few Saturdays ago. Amy is the best pageant sister ANYONE could ask for and is also an amazing friend! To help raise money for the Miss Greater Rochester Organization I participated with Great Northern Pizza in Henrietta. With each customer that brought in a voucher, a 15% profit would be donated to the Greater Rochester Organization. How cool right?! I visited many businesses in the area and promoted the Miss Greater Rochester Organization. Some of the businesses that were gracious enough to hand vouchers out for me were DSW, where I found the Miss America Shoe line, and Rainbow a clothing store for teens. When visiting Rainbow I encountered two of their employees who asked, "Are you the real Miss Rochester?" They had no idea about the organization and after I was done explaining how the Miss America Organization helped me to overcome obstacles in my life and my passion for my platform, they wanted in! They were already claiming Miss Rochester 2012! So ladies watch out! :) It was an amazing experience!