Sunday, June 12, 2011

Miss New York Preperation

Ah what a bitter sweet moment as I finished my last Miss New York Preparation ever!  I have worked so hard in these last few months traveling over 600 miles making appearances in my community, making strides to get kids active and educated about healthy living. I have been tried and tested with time management and organization skills as I enter my summer semester of my Master's Program in Education. I have remained  dedicated and continued to practice, practice, practice all phases of competition and I feel really good about my preparation. As a former athlete, dancer and future educator I know the end result of perseverance and practice...Perfection! :) This past Saturday I along with Co- Executive Director Calista Amering and Co- Executive Director Katie Martin met at St. John Fisher College in Rochester and perfected everything down to my walk. I am so ready and willing to leave my heart out there for all to see as I compete for the opportunity of a life time one last time. I will be sure to keep you updated of the road that lies ahead!

Your's truly,

Miss Greater Rochester 2011
Chelsea Propohet

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