Sunday, April 24, 2011

B.O.O.S. T

Last Saturday I made a appearance with the LOVE group at Holy Faith Bible Tabernacle Church.
What a amazing experience! The girls were wonderful and so eager to get moving! I implemented my program called B.O.O.S.T which is the acronym for Becoming Optimistic Outgoing Self-Confident and Training- for a healthier lifestyle. My aim is to educate about health,lifestyle, prevention and self-esteem enhancement.

Group took part in a open conversation these topics and what it means to them, I even discussed the four points of the crown and how they can become successful, service oriented, stylish in their own individual and unique way. We even started thinking toward the future about high schools and colleges, tying in scholarships. These little ladies are going to be our future CEO's and Dr.s they are so motivated!

After our conversation we were ready to get moving! We stretched and did a 45 minute cardio and dance oriented fitness routine. Boy were they tired!

The next day I received a phone call from the director of the program and she expressed how much the girls retained the information and shared the healthy lifestyle tips with their families. Specifically getting fit together! Some even inquired about involvement in the Miss America Organization and how to become a contestant when they are of age. I cant wait to work with the LOVE program again, and I cant wait for the response I get from the Rochester Schools!
Here's a peek at more pictures I couldn't fit on my blog!Click Here

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